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Hear what our teams have to say...

  • I joined Busaba in 2013 and actually, it was my first job in the UK. I started as a runner and gradually worked my way up. Recently I got promoted to Operations Manager. I think Busaba has a very good training and succession plan for anyone who is dreaming of a career in hospitality. My favourite thing about Busaba it's amazing team who is very passionate about the food as well as Busaba values and providing excellent hospitality to each guest.

    Kamil Raczek

    Operations Manager

  • I enjoy working in Busaba for many reasons, one of them is the Busaba culture, I love that there is a true sense of a team, appreciating each other and feeling worthy gives you motivation to do great things, makes you accomplish your goals and just be happy and enjoy your work.

    Aurelija Gudinaite

    Head Chef, Soho

  • I've started in Busaba 7 years ago as a runner and through all these years I've been given all the opportunities to growth both personally and professionally, which led to me being a General Manager to one of our busiest branches. Busaba truly cares about their people and gives opportunities equally to everyone who wants to step up and make hospitality a career. What I love the most about Busaba is the fact that opportunities are given to everyone alongside development plans and tools for you to succeed and I am a clear example of that. Busaba truly puts its people first, something I've noticed plenty of times during my years of service.

    Edward Alexandre

    General Manager, Shepherds Bush